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RJ Towing provides towing services for Light & Medium Vehicles,Vans, Hi Los, Buses and even Roadside Services.We can tow almost anything!

We specializes in impound services, parking garages (upper and lower levels), and long distance interstate towing!

Light and Medium

At RJ Towing we specialize in hauling your vehicles carefully and safely to its next destination. Day in and day out, our light duty & medium duty fleets perform a wide variety of towing services throughout our Detroit. Within minutes of your call, our dispatchers send a truck to your location. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Light and med


Towing a bus is not an easy task. Especially since most buses vary in height, weight, and size. Bus towing can be dangerous and unsafe if specialized equipment is not used. RJ Towing Service is a highly experienced company which provides all necessary specialized equipment and experienced staff, as well as a range of heavy haulage tow trucks available for use for whatever we encounter.


Most vans are used for transporting goods or people. Depending on the type of van, it is usually bigger than a truck or SUV but smaller than a RV or Semi. RJ Towing Service offers towing for any type of van, no matter the size. All of our tow truck operators are professionally trained and experienced for any tow job. We strive to provide top notch customer service and quality towing services when you need them most.

Hi Los

Hi Los

Hi Los (also called a wrecker) is a truck used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles. If your car has slipped into a creek or ditch, we can get you out! We will use our winch and recovery services to recover your vehicle out of whatever problem your got into.

Roadside Services

Roadside assistance services provide the preparation and peace of mind you need when traveling. RJ Towing Service helps you overcome the many different obstacles you may face on the road. If your car won’t start, if you’re out of gas, or if you need to fix a flat tire, RJ Towing Service technicians are standing by to get you up and running quickly and safely again.  

Roadside Services